8. Clutch Welding


When sheet piles are required to prevent water penetration through the pile line, clutch welding is an option.

The method used is to apply a weld to the pile clutch after the piles have been installed. This is a sealing weld and not a structural weld. With the slackness in pile clutches varying between different manufacturers, the gap to be filled will also vary.

When the gap is beyond a reasonable amount for an economic number of weld runs we will weld a round bar or narrow plate in place to fill the gap.

When welding a clutch that is in water bearing strata the weld must be carried out from top to bottom. If the reverse is tried there will be a risk of the weld leaking.

There are several associated techniques that can be employed to aid the prevention of water ingress, including a mastic/temporary sealant applied to the pile clutch prior to driving or a hydrophilic material that will expand on contact with water to fill the pile clutch.