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When sheet piles require temporarily propping Berryrange can offer a range of solutions that are tailored to your exact needs.  The solution we propose will take into account a multiply of variables that affect your project circumstances.

Factors that need to be considered will include the following :-

  • The sequence of your work including all relevant levels, concrete pour sequences, exclusion zones for propping, and framing removal needs
  • The optimum centres of propping will dictate prop and waling sizes
  • Your works programme and anticipated time the framing is required

We are able to offer in-situ steel welded framing, with the material primarily sourced from our own steel stock, a proprietary prefabricated framing system or a combination of the two.

Generally the longer the framing is required the more economic an insitu welded frame becomes, even more so if the shape is not regular.

In-situ steel welded framing is priced on an initial cost for the supply and installation of the steel with a credit being given once the framing is removed and re-stocked.  A proprietary system will generally be charged as a weekly hire, with a minimum hire period quoted.  However any overrun in your programme will incur additional hire, whereas a welded framing is not time related.

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