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The introduction of Japanese piling presses into the UK in the early 1990s brought a much needed method of sheet pile installation that produced minimal vibration, very low noise levels and could cope with the variable soil strata encountered. Combined with pre-augering the soil in advance and water jetting as the pile was installed, the UK construction industry was at last able to offer clients a means of sheet pile installation with minimal disturbance to the surrounding environment.

Standard/Conventional piling methods, such as narrow areas, alleyways or up against adjacent properties, can be somewhat inoperable or not cost affective. Using the Zero Clearance Method not only allows works in narrow areas but also allows the developer to maximise the use of the available area leaving very little or "ZERO" dead space.

Not only is the project quicker and safer using this methodology, the use of the high quality steel sheet piles allows the developer to complete the project in a shorter time and reduced costs.

Further details can be found under “Pre-Augering & Probing”, “Water Jetting” and our Generic Method Statements under “Services, Other”.

Zero Piling

Zero Piling